Sacred Light Design Co.

The Artwork and Design of Ari Lazer.

Ari has been teaching the art of Sacred Geometry since 2009, inviting artists and practitioners to use the proportions of the natural world to make their everyday lives better, richer and more robust.

An educator, interdisciplinary artist, and playwright by practice, Ari has presented work in conjunction with the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Vancouver International Folk Festival, and a wide variety of interdisciplinary arts festivals up and down the West Coast of North America, including Shambhala, Bass Coast, Blessed Coast, and many, many others.

“The most sacred thing we have is the natural world”  ~Ari Lazer

From the earliest, Ari has been inspired by the forms of nature, and uses his art practice to invite the viewer into conversation with the patterns that underlie our world.

Yes. His actual birth name is Ari Lazer, and as fate would have it, the CNC Laser has become an integral part of his art practice. Working both with traditional tools, and modern technology, Lazer is inspired to bring the old and new into conversation to create beautiful custom works of art.

“Staying true to the centuries-old tradition is important to me; on a purely experiential level there is a real authenticity to carving these works in the way that has been passed down to us.”

Before discovering the laser lights to produce these magnificent designs, Ari took to the age-old tradition of compass drawing, and would etch his designs onto wood using sunlight and a magnifying glass.

Ari’s creative practice still relies on these skills. He will first turn to the page and pen, beginning his works by hand, before he turns to the computer to refine and design, cutting paths to create the final product.

“My inspiration as an artist or designer is to bring in my own personal narrative to the conversation of these ancient patterns.”

“A lot of the work I do involves illumination — both physically, in lamps, and metaphorically, within the wisdom traditions held within each piece. It’s a unique, humble place to be looking back on that tradition and ask myself what can I offer in this storyline,” says Lazer, who has been teaching courses on the art and science of geometric design for a decade, and who is inspired by the emerging conversation between spiritual and scientific disciplines. He has since been following the threads between those two worlds that inspire one another.

“Whether we realize it or not, these forms have a place in every aspect of life, and it inspires me to bring them into new contexts, where they can spark new ideas, new conversations, new understanding of our world.”

Lazer has had the joy and privilege of working on many different projects. His unique art form can be showcased in a variety of ways. From art installations for festivals, or creating custom projects for businesses, he’s inspired by design that brings the world into balance.

Ari would love to hear from you! Whether it be a custom project, a unique idea, or simply the drop of a line to say hi.