Thanks to all the many people who came out this November to visit the studio.  It was a lovely time to share new work with everyone!  If you didn’t get a chance to see what was up in the studio, here are some images.

Some of the magic at the Studio… Tables and Mirrors and Trees, Oh my!

Dodeca Lantern with Shadows

Dodeca With Shadows

Venus Orbit Wall Piece, Arbol de la Vida Mirror and teak hanging, Phi Torus Mirrors

Arbol de la Vide (Reflection) 2ftx2ft, Mahogany and Teak, with Glass Mirror ($425).

Islamic 10-Fold Mirror, Arcana del Luz, and Islamic 8-fold Mirror.


In Media Res – Illuminated Mirror (Ribbon Mahoghany, Birch, Glass Mirror, LED lights).

On Saturday Night, I opened the studio for an off-cut re-purposing session, and facilitated a whole bunch of new magical creations… Like this one (googly eyes make all the difference):

And a few more pieces from the weekend:

2ft Sri Yantra in Red Ribbon Mahogany ($275).

Mirrored Tibetan Endless Knot – Red Ribbon Mahoghany, and Acrylic Mirror 14″x10″ ($125)

Moroccan 8-Fold Star – Birch, Maple, Mahogany, (12″x12″) – $145.

For inquiries on any of the pieces, to see them in person, or detailed photographs, please contact us at [email protected]