At this year’s 2015 Renfrew Park Moon Festival, I unveiled the Lanterna Magica installation.  Built on the proportions of two icosahedra (one small, one large), the piece created a large white-screened lantern tent, with its own image at the centre.

Set on a stand, mounted on bearings to allow it to spin, a filigree icosahedron was mounted with the inscription “What do you wish to bring to light in our world? Make your wish and give the lantern a spin.”

Parents, children, and magic-lovers of all ages were struck with the compelling simplicity of the space – getting to watch the magnified shadows projected all over the screened walls from both inside and out.

Below are some of my favourite images from the show.  And a video of the lantern in motion is posted at the bottom.

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Lanterna Magica Icosahedron