Sacred Light Bursts Forth…!

What started as a twinkle in the eye of a laser (or Lazer) in the spring of 2014 has blossomed into an exciting new undertaking.  On this good day of November, Sacred Light Designs is finally born to the world!

The path to this moment was simple and, like all things, somewhat unexpected. I’ve been a geometer, and teacher of meditation and the art of Sacred Geometry for years now.  But it was in the spring of this last year that my friend Adam introduced me to this concept: that all the beautiful creations I’ve been hand crafting, carving with a magnifying glass and the sun, painting onto hardwood floors, could also be created with the use of a laser-cutter–thus bringing my love of wood together with my love of maniacally perfect geometry…

When all was said and done, I found myself turning out sacred pieces for my own practice, and for those near and dear to me.  It seemed that everyone who saw what was being created was either incredibly kind, or as excited as I was at what was coming out of the studio.  So I started to put my mind to it, and began to play with new designs – pendants, earrings, lanterns, and much, much more.

What you see on the site today is just the very beginning – I’ll be adding to the collection that is posted up here over the next weeks and months.  There will be all manner of wonderful creations coming your way – leather goods like wallets, belts, altar pieces and more, and a whole range of products to light your home, and sculptures in 3-D.

Welcome to Sacred Light Designs!  Have a stroll about, and let me know your thoughts about what you see! Send me an email – [email protected].

Here’s wishing you a wonderful day,

Ari Lazer

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