At Sacred Light Design Co. we believe that your environment should reflect your state of mind.

In our busy world, people are seeking for greater clarity, calm, and balance in their lives.  Sacred Geometry’s symmetry and elegant design has a uniquely healing and centring quality. The patterns echo nature’s perfection and own intelligent growth, enlivening the spaces they appear in.

Whether you’re familiar with the traditions and history behind these designs, or simply view them as beautiful works of art, they are bound to have an enriching effect to your life and world.

Allow Sacred Light Design to activate your home, office, business or personal space. Head designer and artist Ari Lazer is open to hearing from you!  Whether it be a custom project for your home, or a unique art installation for your business – your imagination is our guiding tool for creation.

Shop at our online store and choose from an array of pre-made work, including lamps, wall art, mirrors, or jewellery. Or, contact us to discuss your own idea! We specialize in working with other designers and businesses on projects for promotional, signage and window displays.

Where there’s a space, Sacred Light Design can illuminate it! Allow our aesthetic to support your inspiration. 

Contact us to begin the journey!

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